Ryan Bury


Here is where you'll find all of my projects involving the C++ language. I've done work with basic C++, Graphics, SQL, and Object Oriented topics.

Credit Card Validater

Validator in Action

This program uses the algorithm used by credit card companies to determine if your credit card is valid! For obvious reasons I couldn't include a picture with my credit card number showing it is valid, but feel free to check yours. I promise it doesn't store any information or send it anywhere.

Baby Names Ranking Program

BabyNames in Action

Parses a series of text files (Which it turns into binary files) that include data regarding the popularity of baby names in certain years. The interaction is very simple but the tool is fast and reliable.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?

Where in the World In Action

One of my first projects in C++. It is a recreation of the game "Where In the World is Carmen Sandiago". Sadly, because I used an older version of Visual Studio to create the project, I'm having trouble making it a standalone project. Thus, if you want to run it you'll have to have Visual Studio installed.